Satsearch is an upcoming block explorer (blockchain search engine) with a difference.
It's universal, clear, and reliable.

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About Satsearch 🚀

Satsearch was born from the frustrations of daily use of multiple imperfect explorers. We aim to combine the best aspects of other explorers into a single, user friendly explorer whilst adding our own unique features. We intend to have clarity for beginner users whilst also maintaining advanced search data for more regular explorer users.

Universal 🌏

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Existing blockchain explorers tend to display data for only a single coin, on a single blockchain*. Satsearch raises the game by allowing you to search all the following coins (with many more to come) in a unified interface:

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Bcash EOS Stellar Tron Dogecoin Monero Divi Project

We also plan to be one of the first multi-lingual block explorers. Crypto isn't just for English speakers, it's for everyone.

Clear 🔮

Satsearch display

Existing block explorers are often confusing, and they include a lot of data unneccessary for even the regular user, like "Fees per weight unit". Satsearch hides or deprioritises these details, allowing important information to be seen more quickly. We intend to create the most user-friendly block explorer yet - one that even your grandma can 'get'.

Reliable 🛡

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Instead of hosting everything ourselves, we are teaming up with multiple blockchain data specialists for every coin. Say goodbye to broken links. Here's a few of our sources:

Support Us 😍

Satsearch is a free service created by volunteers. We're looking for all the help we can get! Here's a list of ways you can support us.